Alternative Dispute Resolution [Arbitration, Mediation & Negotiation]

As a firm, we recognize that not all disputes can be resolved by litigation thus we ensure that our clients are advised on the best course of action in resolving their disputes. By adopting this approach, we have been instrumental in helping to resolve many disputes out of Court in a commercially expedient manner to the satisfaction of our clients.


The firm’s forte for arbitration is renowned particularly in relation to matters involving shareholder disputes. We have acted as Counsel in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations both internationally and domestically under the ICC, GAFTA, LCIA, and UNCITRAL rules. We also act as Counsel in the recognition and enforcement of foreign and domestic awards and under the New York Convention. Our Arbitration Practice Group consists of seasoned Advocates who have a firm grip and understanding of the conduct of arbitration proceedings, some of whom sit as Arbitrators as well. The firm also collaborates with leading Law Firms in other jurisdictions in international arbitrations, providing clients with robust representation in arbitration proceedings.

Mediation & Negotiation

Our mediation practice covers a wide range of disputes and is targeted at parties who have opted for mediation as a means of dispute resolution and in circumstances which do not warrant the rigours of court proceedings. We have a team of internationally accredited Mediators/Mediation Advocates who help clients recognize and prioritize their respective interests, by facilitating communications between the parties to reach an amicable settlement. Some of the areas in which we have successfully employed mediation as a means of dispute resolution include matters relating to Family (separation, divorce, child custody arrangements), distribution of estates, Real Estate, Landlord and Tenants, Employers/Employees and commercial transactions. Our clientele cuts across varied backgrounds which include corporate organizations and middle-income to high-net-worth individuals.

In addition to our mediation practice, we also have a team of seasoned and trained Negotiators who represent clients to reach a beneficial outcome over issues of conflicts relating to employment, family, commercial relationships, Landlord/Tenants and Partnership Agreements.