Media, Sports and Entertainment

We offer legal advisory services to individuals and corporate entities in the Film, Music, Television, Arts and Advertising industry ensuring that proprietary rights to and in these creations are protected. We prepare and review contract and service agreements for parties in the industry and ensure that these agreements are compliant with industry standards.

We have a deep understanding of the workings of the media, sports and entertainment industry and are adept in advising clients on finance, borrowing, production and rights acquisitions, exploiting live sports and other events, intellectual property protection and enforcement.

We advise clients on the numerous challenges, intricacies and opportunities facing leagues, teams and team owners, as well as developers, sponsors and other segment groups affiliated with today’s ultra-competitive sports and entertainment industries.

We provide sophisticated litigation strategies to address all dimensions of mitigating risk in the Sports and Entertainment industry, addressing infringements, antitrust and other regulatory challenges, and successfully resolving high-stakes commercial disputes in the industry.